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Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers are dedicated towards helping you or your loved one overcome addiction in a world where addictive substances may lurk around every corner. The current inclining trend in the medical field creates more and more medications which reach the markets and our prescriptions. Nowadays there are more treatments for our illnesses, but also more addictions for us to fall for. That's why Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers finds the most effective treatment for those battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is in fact a disease that takes hold of the brain and changes not only its shape, but also its major functions. When one is addicted to a substance, they may not be able to recognize that they are addicted, or even be able to quit once they do realize it.

Some signs of addiction are:

If these signs are familiar, consider calling our inpatient drug rehab centers at (423) 799-4292. We provide numerous addiction treatment programs to accommodate the uniqueness and severity of every person's situation and issue, and we will even provide you with an intervention specialist to help you begin this process.

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Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers strongly recommends calling an Addiction Specialist to get advice on which treatment facility is right for you
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Once admitted into a drug and alcohol rehab center, the patient will be given a diagnosis by trained medical professionals. These medical professionals may even uncover any pre-existing psychological disorders which will need to be treated to ensure complete recovery. This is incredibly important since many addicts often struggle with psychological disorders that may have acted as the catalyst for their drug use.

After this, medical personnel goes through the process of detoxification, in which they carefully remove the substances from the addict's system. With the use of specific medications and nurturing supervision, the patient will be able to transition through the withdrawal symptoms as safely, comfortably, and painlessly as possible.

Patients are able to take advantage of addiction treatment programs in Chattanooga, such as: acupuncture, family/group therapy, yoga, meditation, nutritional, exercise, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The benefits of these addiction treatment services range from promoting healthy habits, stimulating painful areas of the body, and creating a positive outlook on life. In active addiction, (typically speaking) the addict's health had become secondary to the obtaining and use of the drug or alcohol. Oftentimes drug use and unhealthy eating habits have gone hand in hand.

For example, marijuana users who get "the munchies" tend to eat very unhealthy food and to excess. Also those suffering from addiction to drugs such as Methamphetamine will drop below healthy weights because they lose their appetite. Addicts must relearn their primary priorities and disassociate these bad habits from their routine.

Self-debilitating thoughts can also arise from the stigma of drug use. A lack of community or connection to others can result in drug use, but it may also perpetuate the drug use by preventing the addict from getting help. Regaining trust in others and oneself through group therapy can give addicts the confidence to change their environment and therefore themselves.

But all of this can't be done alone. Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers will provide you with all the tools necessary to overcome your addiction by placing you at the right treatment center that accommodates all of your needs.

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The final step in the road to recovery deals with preparing the patient to return to their lives surrounded by potential risks and triggers that originally started the addiction. Once the patient is free of the drug, they must also prevent relapse back into abusing the drug.

Drug and alcohol treatment facilities takes its relapse rates seriously, as relapse may be more devastating than the addiction itself. An addict can lose hope in ever being free of their addiction if they relapse. This is programs for relapse prevention may be just what is needed if you or your loved one is prone to continuous relapse. If you are ready to achieve the life of happiness and sobriety that you've always wanted, then call Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers now at (423) 799-4292.

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