Drug Addiction Intervention in Chattanooga, TN

It can be very distressing to see a loved one suffering from drug addiction. Drug addiction can destroy people's lives and do untold damage to their families. In many cases, a person suffering from drug addiction may not realize he or she has a problem. In such cases, it may be necessary to arrange an intervention. There are experts in drug addiction intervention in Chattanooga who can help get people understand that they have a problem which needs to be dealt with.

What is an intervention?

Drug addiction intervention programs are carefully structured processes that most often involve family members as well as an intervention specialist. Our drug addiction intervention programs also include other people who care about the individual who is suffering from addiction. These people could include a trusted spiritual advisor or the person's doctor.

Generally, one or more concerned family members will contact a drug treatment center seeking help for a loved one. Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers offer drug addiction intervention programs under the guidance of one of our interventionists.

How to stage a drug addiction intervention in Chattanooga

Thorough preparation is key to a successful drug addiction intervention. The primary purpose of a drug addiction intervention is to make the person who is struggling with addiction realize that he or she needs to seek treatment to deal with the disorder.

Therefore, before staging a drug addiction intervention, it is vital to gather irrefutable evidence that points to the difficulties and problems that the person's use of drugs is creating. Family members should record specific examples of how their loved one's drug use has negatively impacted that person or his or her family.

Because many people with addiction are in denial, it is important to present them with such evidence so that they get a realistic view of how their use of drugs has become a problem. Specific examples of problems could include financial, legal, health, employment, or social difficulties arising from drug use.

Interventions work best when loved ones form a group. This helps to divide up the tasks involved in planning the intervention. Additionally, it increases the impact with the addicted person when he or she realizes that many different people are genuinely concerned.

Not all people who help plan the intervention need to take in the actual intervention. Intervention specialists will help the group form an intervention team. Since the actual intervention will often be emotionally stressful, it is best that the people who take part are calm and collected.

It is not enough to present a person with concrete evidence of issues related to his or her drug use. An integral part of the planning process is to investigate the treatment options available for the addicted person. The identified options must be viable and accessible. For example, there is no point in informing an addicted person about a program that he or she cannot afford to take part in. Likewise, if the addicted person is unlikely to be able to take time off work, there is no point in identifying inpatient treatment programs.

What to expect from drug addiction intervention in Chattanooga

The group will arrange a meeting with the person suffering from addiction. That person will not be informed in advance about the purpose of the meeting. Ideally under the guidance of an intervention specialist, the team presents the evidence to the addicted person and demands that he or she seek immediate help.

The person suffering from addiction is told by each person what the consequences will be if he or she does not agree to get treatment. For example, a spouse may tell an addicted person that he or she will have to leave the family home if he or she refuses treatment.

The consequences specified have to be serious and ongoing. Furthermore, each person must be committed to carrying out the actions they have detailed. The chances of successful intervention are high. One report published by NCBI reveals that 83% of people with addiction agreed to seek treatment after intervention.

Why use an intervention specialist?

Interventions can be highly charged. The person suffering from addiction may feel betrayed and angered by the intervention. Experienced intervention specialists are expert at defusing emotionally charged meetings. They help keep the meeting focused on getting the addicted person to recognize the reality of the situation and to agree to get help.

If your loved one is suffering from addiction and you wish to arrange an intervention, don't hesitate to contact Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers today at (423) 799-4292. Our interventionists are here to help shed light on the fact that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel of addiction. The only way towards that light is through seeking treatment.


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