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The objective of relapse prevention in Chattanooga is to teach recovering addicts the necessary skills and strategies to avoid returning to a pattern of addictive substance abuse.

Just as no one's triggers for addictive behavior are the same, the strategies used for relapse prevention in Chattanooga also need to be tailored to suit each person's individual needs.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs are a crucial part of any successful rehab treatment strategy. Addiction is similar in nature to other chronic health conditions, such as asthma or type 2 diabetes. Chronic health conditions need ongoing management in order to reduce the risk of symptoms recurring. In the event that asthma or diabetes symptoms do recur, the patient needs to seek help and adjust the management strategies accordingly.

The same principle is true of people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Each patient is taught to identify and recognize their own unique addiction triggers and risk factors.

An integral part of creating a tailored strategy for relapse prevention in Chattanooga is then discovering the right combination of management strategies for overcoming the urge to return to addictive substance use. Strategies also incorporate ways to maintain abstinence and lead a productive, sober life over the long term.

What Strategies Are Used to Prevent Relapse?

There are various strategies a recovering person can use to prevent relapse. These include:

  • Recognizing early warning signs: Relapse is never an isolated event. Rather, there are a series of events and signs leading up to a relapse. Learning to recognize early warning signs and then take steps to avoid it happening is a key element in remaining sober.
  • Avoiding high-risk situations: Associating with friends or associates from old using days can increase the risk of relapse. It's important to avoid any situations that may be considered high risk for relapse.
  • Managing stress: Symptoms of stress are a normal part of the addiction recovery process. Relapse prevention programs focus on teaching recovering people effective ways to manage stress without the need for drugs or alcohol.
  • Seeking support: By nature, addicts tend to isolate themselves. Yet seeking support throughout the recovery process is a crucial element in staying sober. Support groups reducing feelings of isolation and provide new social interactions with people who are less likely to encourage drug or alcohol use.
  • Attending counseling: Specialized counseling and therapy sessions are designed to help a recovering person discover the right combination of strategies to prevent relapse.
  • Build self-esteem: Many recovering addicts struggle with low self-esteem or images of poor self-worth. Participating in job skills training or finding alternative therapies that offer new ways to express pent-up feelings and emotions can help create a new sense of purpose and self-worth.
  • Self-care: It's common for many people struggling to overcome addiction to have residual health problems due to malnutrition or poor sleeping habits. Practicing self-care can improve overall health and make it easier to avoid relapse.

Why Are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

When most people think about drug rehab centers, they assume treatment revolves around the detox process. It's common for some addicts to believe that they'll somehow be cured if they can make it through a couple of days of withdrawing from the drug of addiction.

However, detox only eliminates the effects of the drug from the system. Detox alone does nothing to address the psychological factors behind self-destructive or addictive behavior. Our rehab treatments in Chattanooga incorporate a range of behavioral therapies and counseling sessions that all contribute towards developing a strong strategy to reduce the risk of relapse.

Relapse prevention programs actively teach recovering addicts new ways to life a productive life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Relapse Prevention in Chattanooga -- Aftercare Services

When a person graduates from our drug rehab treatments, they're not just sent out to live independently on their own. Instead, our rehab facility provides access to a range of specialized relapse prevention aftercare services.

To many people struggling to overcome addiction, the idea of relapse prevention can sound like a daily struggle for the foreseeable future. However, with the right strategy in place, each small success along the way makes it easier to stay clean and sober. Let us create that strategy for you so that you can not only cope with the struggles of sobriety, but truly love your newfound life of sobriety. Call Chattanooga Drug Rehab Centers now at (423) 799-4292.

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