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An addiction is disease that takes control over someone's life. It affects the brain -- affecting its functionality -- internal organs, causing them to fail, and the psyche. Overall, it disrupts life as you may know it. But you, or your loved one, don't have to suffer for much longer. Any of our substance abuse centers Chattanooga can help you find the strength you need to quit and recover.

Chattanooga substance abuse inpatient treatment centers offer the complete care program that you need to overcome your addiction. Whether you are addicted to heroin, cocaine or to painkillers (opioids), we can assist you in finding the right rehab treatment for you.

Treating an addiction will often involve have central, key steps: intake, detoxification, therapy, learning new coping mechanisms, and an after-care plan.

When you decide to enroll is substance abuse recovery, you learn that detoxification is essential in order to help your body get rid of all the toxins from the drug, and regain the chemical balance your brain has lost with the addiction.

The specialized substance abuse centers Chattanooga, are equipped with both the safe environment and the skillful medical personnel to help you go through withdrawal symptoms while detoxifying, in a controlled manner. We know that suffering withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful, but our Chattanooga substance abuse inpatient treatment centers offer outstanding support, making sure that you are comfortable and calm while going through the process.

After you complete this first step -- which many can consider the hardest -- substance abuse recovery is followed with comprehensive therapy. Depending on the degree and length of your addiction, you may need:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy
  • Recovery-oriented challenge therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step Program

The good thing is, that our substance abuse centers Chattanooga can design the program that better suits your need and help you recover, teach you new coping mechanisms and support you in creating a relapse-prevention plan that will work.

When you engage in a program offered by any of the Chattanooga substance abuse inpatient centers you will receive the care you need. In many instances, when getting clean you may need medication to handle and control certain withdrawal symptoms. In addition, the therapies provided will help you understand whether your addiction was triggered by underlying psychological issues.

Identifying and understanding what triggers your craving for the substance, will help you develop a good and effective relapse prevention plan while you go through your substance abuse recovery.

Furthermore, Chattanooga substance abuse inpatient treatment centers offer coping mechanisms that will become part of your new, healthy lifestyle. Whether you are an outdoorsy person, or you prefer a quitter setting, you can take part in any of the activities provided: yoga, meditation, outdoor group exercise, Pilates, etc.

Whatever your specific needs are, our Chattanooga substance abuse inpatient treatment centers will tackle all the issues that afflict you and teach you there is more to life, more to live for.

You don't have to live with the disease anymore. Addiction has a solution and you can start your substance abuse recovery today. Just reach out, learn more about how any of our substance abuse centers Chattanooga can help you get your life back. The first step into a new and better you, is admitting that you need support. Call today, at (423) 799-4292.

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